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Chinese blue and white bowl with city wall design, Kangxi mark and likely of the period

Chinese blue and white bowl with city wall design, Kangxi mark and likely of the period

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Antique Chinese porcelain bowl hand decorated in blue and white depicting rampart walls of a city. Kangxi four character mark to the base, and of the period. 

Blue and white porcelain was produced during the Kangxi period (1662-1722) of the Qing dynasty. It is characterised by its blue and white colour scheme and intricate designs, which were often inspired by local scenes or historical events.

One of the key features of Kangxi blue and white porcelain is its use of cobalt oxide as the blue pigment. This gives the porcelain a distinctive deep blue colour that is highly prized by collectors. The designs on Kangxi porcelain were painted onto the piece before it was glazed and fired, a technique known as underglaze blue.

Kangxi blue and white porcelain was highly sought after in the West, and it was one of the first types of Chinese porcelain to be exported to Europe in large quantities. It was especially popular in the Netherlands, where it was used to decorate the homes of the wealthy.


Approximately 9 inches diameter.


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